10 Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Trends

As a home decorator who finds inspiration in the beauty around me, I’m fascinated by the power of small details to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. This is especially true in the kitchen, the heart of any home, where elements like cabinet hardware serve both form and function. The fitting handles and knobs can elevate your kitchen’s style while also enhancing its practicality and comfort as a living space.

This post will explore ten timeless kitchen cabinet hardware trends that will stand the test of time while bringing your unique design vision to life. Drawing from my background in interior design and passion for creating livable spaces, I’ve curated these trends based on their versatility, durability, and widespread popularity among top designers.

Beyond checking boxes for practical considerations, exceptional kitchen design reflects your style and how you wish to interact with the space. With such a vast range of shapes, finishes, and decorative details available, cabinet hardware offers a wonderful creative outlet to add a touch of you into your kitchen.

The Transforming Power of Hardware

Before diving into the trends, it’s helpful to understand the outsized impact even small hardware details can have on your kitchen’s aesthetic. The fitting handles and knobs act as jewelry for your cabinets, enhancing their beauty while creating a more cohesive and polished look. Just as the perfect accessories can pull an outfit together, cabinet hardware brings all kitchen elements into harmony.

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A brushed nickel pull mounted on a soft blue cabinet demonstrating the

Additionally, easy-to-use hardware improves the experience of interacting in the space. Frequently used items like cabinets should focus on seamless functionality for you and your family. Clever hardware choices blend form and function, allowing you to access items while enjoying the beauty of your kitchen effortlessly.

10 Go-To Hardware Styles Across Kitchens of All Kinds

When helping clients decorate their dream kitchens, I often recommend timeless hardware styles that suit a variety of aesthetics. The following trends check all the boxes – durable, versatile, and beloved by design enthusiasts everywhere!

Classic Brushed Nickel Pulls

The subtle sheen and neutral metallic tone of brushed nickel pulls complement traditional and modern kitchens. It resists corrosion while hiding fingerprints and cleans up easily with mild detergent, making it an ultra-practical choice for busy spaces. For a cohesive look, pair it with stainless steel appliances.

Vintage-Inspired Glass Knobs

Glass knobs catch the light beautifully, instantly elevating any kitchen’s style. They lend a timeless charm in a rainbow of colors and patterns like etched florals. Install using wood glue and avoid over-tightening screws to prevent cracks. For authentic vintage appeal, mix and match glass knobs on shaker-style cabinets.

A closeup of a vintageinspired glass knob with light reflecting through it

Matte Black Handles

Nothing looks more sophisticated than matte black handles contrasting elegantly with lighter cabinets and countertops. Modern yet timeless, this versatile hardware adds a touch of refinement while hiding fingerprints and standing up to wear and tear. For extra flair, incorporate black accents like pendant lights and barstools.

Brass with Character

Brass hardware brings a feeling of warmth and richness to the kitchen. A natural patina adds depth and dimension to an antique charm as it ages. Polished brass pops against darker cabinets, or try an aged brass finish for a vintage vibe. Regular, gentle cleaning removes grime while maintaining the integrity of the finish over time.

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Minimalist Hidden Pulls

For a streamlined modern look, hidden pulls offer understated elegance. Installed flush with cabinet surfaces, the recessed hardware opens cabinets with a subtle push or pull. This creates an unbroken line, perfect for contemporary spaces. For functionality, ensure proper alignment and secure attachment during installation.

Ceramic Knobs for an Artisanal Feel

Handcrafted ceramic knobs infuse kitchen cabinets with artistry and warmth. With endless shape and color variations, they feel rustic and modern. For a harmonious look, match knobs to backsplash tiles or countertops. Clean with mild detergent to prevent buildup without damaging the special finishes.

A closeup of ceramic knobs in varying patterns and colors mounted on

Industrial Metal Pulls

Iron, pewter, and stainless steel pulls add an urban edge. Their solid lines and metallic sheen feel sleek, modern, or ruggedly industrial, depending on your style. Go for a striking contrast against light wood cabinets or matching metal finishes for a bold monochromatic look. The sturdy construction holds up well with minimal care.

Leather Accents

For a genuinely unexpected detail, leather adds natural texture and sophistication. Leather pulls come in various colors like classic black or brown and vibrant red and blue. Pair with wood elements for a rustic-chic aesthetic. Maintain by gently cleaning and conditioning regularly to prevent drying.

Crystal Pulls for Glamour

Add a bit of sparkle with crystal pulls! Their refractive facets catch and reflect light beautifully. For crisp modern elegance, try clear crystals with white Shaker cabinets. Or embrace a more ornate Victorian vibe with cut crystal pulls in vintage-inspired spaces. Dust gently and clean with mild detergent and a soft cloth.

Sleek Stainless Steel Bars

Strong, streamlined stainless steel bar pulls complement any modern kitchen. Their neutral metallic tone works equally well in industrial, contemporary, or transitional spaces. Easy to clean and resistant to water spots and corrosion, their durability matches their good looks. For added interest, play with mixing brushed and polished finishes.

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A contemporary kitchen with sleek stainless steel bar pulls on minimalist cabinets

No matter your style, there’s a timeless hardware option to enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic. Let cabinet hardware be an opportunity to inject more of your unique design perspective into this essential heart-of-the-home space.

Elevating Style While Enhancing Function

Kitchen cabinet hardware may seem like a small detail, but it has an outsized impact on aesthetics and functionality. All the tiny touches we incorporate collectively create a holistic interior design vision.

The trends and ideas shared here will inspire you to see your kitchen with fresh eyes. Remember that even modest changes like updated hardware can re-energize the look and feel of your space.

I wish you the very best as you embark on making your kitchen distinctly your own. For me, decorating is pure joy, and I hope these insights help you channel that creative bliss in your home. Please reach out if you need any additional design advice or suggestions!

A cozy rustic kitchen featuring cabinets adorned with leather pulls paired with

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most popular finishes for hardware right now?

Currently, matte black, brass, brushed nickel, and stainless steel rank among the most sought-after kitchen hardware finishes. Their neutral metallic tones work well in both traditional and contemporary spaces.

How much hardware should I plan to purchase for a complete kitchen?

Generally, hardware pieces should be included for each door and drawer front. For ease, some homeowners opt to use the same handles and knobs throughout the entire kitchen. Standard kitchens often require 25-30 pieces total.

Should all my hardware match exactly?

Not necessarily! Mixing and matching metals, shapes, or sizes can add excellent visual interest. Just ensure there is some cohesion in the finishes and designs you select. Too many wildly different pieces can feel disjointed.

What’s the best way to install new hardware?

Carefully measure to find the center point of each door or drawer to mark where the screws will go. A drill creates pilot holes before fastening new hardware with a screwdriver. For glass knobs, glue the base to the surface before tightening the screws.

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