8 Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Without Losing Your Deposit

A cozy living room filled with natural light showcasing stylish renterfriendly decorfeat
Hey there, fellow renters and design enthusiasts! Paula here, ready to spill the tea on how to turn your bland ...
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6 Sustainable Kitchen Tile Ideas for a Greener Home

A sundrenched kitchen with a large island at the center The kitchenfeat
As a passionate advocate for sustainable living, I’m constantly seeking ways to infuse my home with eco-friendly elements that not ...
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7 Budget Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

A sundrenched kitchen with white cabinets stainless steel appliances and a stylishfeat
Are you dreaming of a stunning kitchen floor that will leave your guests in awe without breaking the bank? Look ...
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10 Color Schemes to Make Your Small Bedroom Feel Huge

A small bedroom with light blue walls white furniture and a largefeat
As a Portland-based designer, I’ve learned that creating a spacious and inviting bedroom is about more than just square footage ...
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The Best Bedroom Color Schemes for Every Sleep Style

A serene and inviting bedroom sanctuary bathed in calming hues of bluefeat
Do you ever find yourself tossing and turning, unable to drift off into a blissful slumber? Or perhaps you wake ...
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Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Small Bathroom

A sundrenched small bathroom with large lightcolored tiles on the walls andfeat
Hey there, design enthusiasts! As someone who lives and breathes home decor, I know that creating a stylish and functional ...
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Small Bathroom, Big Impact: 5 Luxurious Design Ideas on a Budget

A small luxurious bathroom with a light and airy feel featuring afeat
As a home decorator with a passion for creating beautiful and functional living spaces, I know all too well the ...
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Beyond Shiplap: 10 Unique Wall Treatments for Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom with a light and airy feel featuring a uniquefeat
As a passionate home decorator based in Portland, I know firsthand the challenges of transforming a cramped bathroom into a ...
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Beyond Tile: 11 Unexpected Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

A modern bathroom with sleek fixtures featuring a statement wall covered infeat
Have you ever walked into a bathroom and felt…underwhelmed? Like it’s just a functional space, devoid of personality and style? ...
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Texture: Adding Depth and Dimension to Your Living Room Walls

A cozy living room corner featuring an exposed brick wall with afeat
Imagine stepping into a living room that captivates your senses, inviting you to linger and explore its tactile treasures. From ...
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