7 Showerheads That Will Transform Your Shower Experience

A close up shot of a modern showerhead with multiple spray patterns
Imagine starting your day enveloped in a warm cascade of water that makes you feel like you’re standing under a ...
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6 Shower Designs That Will Make You Say “Wow!”

A luxurious shower design in a small bathroom with a glass enclosure
As I stepped out of the shower into the steam-filled bathroom, I could only think, “Wow!” The rainfall showerhead cascading ...
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12 Tips for Creating a Relaxing and Luxurious Bathroom Shower

A luxurious bathroom shower with a rain showerhead
As an interior designer and décor blogger living in artsy Portland, I always seek ways to infuse beauty and comfort ...
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10 Ways to Design a Shower That’s Both Stylish and Practical

A modern and stylish shower featuring a low flow showerhead
Imagine stepping into a shower that revitalizes your senses while also being a focal point of your bathroom’s design. A ...
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10 Shower Ideas to Make Your Bathroom a Special Place

A beautifully renovated shower with a sleek glass enclosure
Have you ever stepped into your shower only to feel uninspired? Bathing should be an inviting experience that uplifts and ...
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12 Stunning Shower Designs You’ll Want to Copy Right Away

A close up shot of a modern
Imagine stepping into a shower that instantly transports you – one where sleek lines, luxe materials, and inventive features create ...
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