12 Brilliant Lighting Ideas to Enhance Your Front Porch Appeal

Wall mounted sconces flanking a front porch’s doorway
A beautifully lit front porch on a tranquil evening is inviting. Strategic lighting transforms the space into an oasis full ...
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9 Creative DIY Projects for a Picture-Perfect Porch

Innovative porch storage solutions
A front porch is a silent ambassador, making first impressions. This space gets overlooked as we focus on interiors. As ...
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6 Vibrant Plants to Beautify Your Front Porch

A before and after photo of a front porch makeover
Hello, readers! I’m Craig, your friendly neighborhood home decorator and handyman. As a lover of home improvement in verdant Atlanta, ...
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5 Cozy Touches for an Inviting Front Porch

**Porch Swing Serenity:** A wooden porch swing adorned with plush
Step outside and breathe in the crisp morning air as you gaze at the sunrise painting the sky in orange ...
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7 Must-Have Front Porch Accessories

A charming vignette featuring a decorative seasonal display on a front porch: a fall scenery with pumpkins
As a home decorator in Atlanta, I’ve always loved front porches. A well-decorated porch instantly makes guests feel at home. ...
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10 Chic Ways to Turn Your Front Porch into an Oasis

A quaint cottage style front porch with a white wooden bench
Hey! A beautifully decorated front porch is very welcoming. I love merging indoor and outdoor living spaces as a proud ...
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