12 Bathroom Storage Tricks That Will Save You Tons of Space

As I walk into my tiny Portland bathroom each morning, the sight constantly agitates me – piles of half-used beauty products strewn across the counter, stacks of fluffy towels toppling over, a jam-packed cabinet just waiting to burst open. Sound familiar? If your bathroom looks anything like mine used to, you’ve likely dealt with the headaches of clutter and disorganization, making an already cramped space feel even smaller.

But transforming that stressful, cluttered bathroom into a tranquil oasis isn’t just a pipe dream. With some clever solutions, it can become a reality. After all, the bathroom is vital in our home routine – where we start and end each day. Instead, Wouldn’t you step into a serene, spa-like atmosphere rather than one that overwhelms you?

Over the years, through my trial-and-error attempts at creating an eco-friendly, organized bathroom, I’ve discovered tons of valuable tips. Today, I can’t wait to share 12 game-changing storage tricks that have been total space savers for my small Portland bathroom. Read on for ideas that will help maximize vertical real estate, better utilize oft-forgotten nooks, reduce waste, and abide by that elusive order we all crave.

A bright and airy bathroom with a wall mounted shelf featuring a variety of baskets and bins in different sizes

The Perks of Smart Storage in Small Bathrooms

Before discussing storage solutions, it’s worth mentioning precisely why organization matters so much in a tiny bathroom. For starters, clutter exacerbates the confined feeling by making essentials harder to locate when needed. Safety is also compromised when tripping hazards abound. And let’s not discount the value of aesthetics – a tidy, well-designed bathroom looks and feels better to spend time in.

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I was lucky; getting organized yields dual benefits. Decluttering and design go hand in hand to boost functionality and style simultaneously. Some of my top tips? Start by removing unused items and taking up prime real estate. Group like objects together – I keep all cleansers under the sink, for example. Clear canisters allow you to see what’s inside without the guessing game. And don’t forget to label, too!

A bright and airy bathroom with white subway tile walls and a light gray vanity

Let’s get to those space-saving storage hacks you’ve been waiting for…

Floating Shelves for Extra Vertical Storage

Wall space tends to be easier to score than precious floor areas in tiny bathrooms. That’s why floating shelves make such innovative additions above toilets or vanities. The airy, floating aesthetic even enhances the feeling of openness. When installing, choose moisture-resistant materials to withstand humidity. Sturdy brackets properly affixed to studs are vital for safety. For extra credit, decorate with greenery, candles, or charming accessories!

Over-the-Toilet Solutions

You likely didn’t realize what a valuable area lives above the toilet – but it offers significant potential for concealed storage! Solutions range from wall-mounted cabinetry to hanging baskets. Are you getting creative? A spare TP holder with built-in ledges can provide real estate for stashing extras. Measure carefully before installing anything to keep proportions balanced. But once in place, this previously dead zone transforms into a surprisingly helpful stash spot.

A bright and organized bathroom with various space saving storage solutions

Magnetic Strips Organize Essentials

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve lost a bobby pin or tweezer down my drains, I’d have enough for a bathroom makeover! Magnetic strips let you neatly adhere to small metal objects while keeping them conveniently accessible. They also add great accent pops of color if you incorporate fun patterns. Stick on cabinet doors, sides of mirrors, or above sinks – anywhere you use and misplace little items.

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Tricky Door Back Storage

The unsung workhorse of many bathrooms is the humble door! Often overlooked, doors provide ideal vertical backdrops for hanging organizational tools like racks, shelves, or mesh pouches. You can easily stash extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, folded washcloths, or various sundries. Before installing anything too heavy-duty, check that door handles can still open and close smoothly without obstruction.

A modern bathroom showcasing a sleek recessed medicine cabinet with a mirrored door

Recess Medicine Cabinets for a Sleek Look

Nothing screams modern chic like recessed, impeccably lit medicine cabinets! Although installation requires ample expertise, the resultant streamlined built-in appearance makes it well worth the effort. Compared to protruding surface-mounted cabinets, the recessed silhouette feels more expansive by opening up wall space optically. To boost functionality, incorporate pull-out drawers, intelligent interior compartments, and adjustable shelving.

Storage Saviors Underneath Bathroom Sinks

Easily overlooked, the cabinet dwelling beneath bathroom sinks often gets short shrift. Yet this readily accessible site brims with often untapped storage potential! Install adjustable shelves, racks, or bins customized to your liking. Repurposed products like hanging shoe cubbies or tension rods impressively maximize unused vertical real estate. Keep extra toiletries, first aid equipment, or cleaning products within easy reach.

A modern bathroom with a sleek mirror that has a hidden storage compartment behind it

Wall-Mounted Baskets for Both Form and Function

Few organizational tools multitask as brilliantly as wall-mounted storage baskets. Attractive enough to pull double-duty décor-wise, containers crafted from rattan or metal mesh inject lovely visual texture. Use baskets above toilets, alongside vanities, or across from shower stalls to neatly store folded washcloths, soaps, lotions, and various beauty essentials. Mixing metals, wood tones, and colors creates an artful display that keeps everyday items orderly, too.

Innovative Rethinks on Traditional Towel Storage

Designers have recently dazzlingly reimagined essential towel storage, replacing mundane bars and rings with space-saving sculpture. Install elevated shelving above toilets to neatly fold linens vertically. Coat hooks on walls or doors allow wet towels to drip dry conveniently. For smaller bathrooms, choose multifunctional furniture like a cabinet with built-in rods to skip clutter from free-standing towel racks consuming precious floor space. Or fully indulge in luxury with accessories like heated rods to keep linens oh-so-comfy.

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A modern bathroom with a wall mounted towel ladder made of dark wood

Pull-Out Shelving to Unleash Hidden Storage Potential

Tucked deep inside hard-to-access cabinets, everyday essentials often get buried in bathroom storage nooks. Solve this through clever pull-out shelving inside existing cabinetry to effortlessly slide forward items you frequently use. Customize tray heights and dimensions to keep various products neatly organized. Stash anything from soaps, lotions, razors, and cotton balls behind closet doors fitted with these space-saving retrofits.

Built-in niche Shelving Nooks for Tucked Away Storage

Occasionally, bathroom layouts feature handy shallow recesses perfect for converting into storage nooks. Build customized shelving sized to fit inside these narrow gaps above toilets or elsewhere. Use convenient nooks to organize toiletries, extra rolls of tissue, cleaning supplies, or linens—paint shelving to match wall colors for a cohesive, built-in aesthetic. Enhance with charming accents like plants, artwork, or candles tucked among practical everyday items.

A modern bathroom with sleek white floating shelves installed above the toilet and the bathroom mirror

Get Creative With Hidden Storage Spots Too!

In addition to prominent organizational tools, consider unique concealed stashes for rarely used items or emergency supplies. Hollow out false cabinet fronts fitted with discreet handles to hide clutter. Build pull-out drawers disguised within existing millwork. Some mirrors now conceal rear storage compartments. Heavy-duty command hooks on walls or cabinet doors allow you to hang sundries. Search online for more unusual ideas, too!

Repurposed Finds Double as Storage With Personality

Finally, don’t overlook secondhand scores when brainstorming storage ideas on a budget. From vintage suitcases stacked into towers perfect for holding folded towels…to flea market hat boxes for beauty essentials…to stacked crates housing extra toilet tissue, the possibilities prove boundless! Spray paint or decoupage found items to coordinate your bathroom’s color palette. Then, get creative, creating ways to stash stuff while adding charm.

A serene

Hopefully, these 12 storage tricks help you re-envision what your small bathroom makeover might encompass. As you sort, organize, and bid clutter goodbye, I’m confident you’ll soon step from your new spa-like sanctuary, ready to seize each day with fresh inspiration. Now tell me…which ideas resonated most with your space and lifestyle? Have you discovered any brilliant solutions of your own? Let’s swap photos and stories to keep this productive bathroom makeover conversation flowing!

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